Thursday, August 6, 2009

too much stuff to explain in a title...

Well we got a new computer (and I am on it right now) and it has this stupid internet block thingys. I wish that the world could be a good place and that no one had to have the stupid internet blocking things.

Tomarrow my dad and I are going to the mountans to go atv-ing and dirtbiking on trails in the mountans and go camping before school starts. (yay!!) So this will be my last post before school starts... maybe I will post when I get back. Oh great, darn. I don't like school. Well, I guess it gives you something to do but it isn't fun. Plus I'm starting middle school and Skylar isn't on my team. :'( The teams are different parts of the school with different names like Pathfinders or Mountaneers. Im on a team called Zenith. (Pronounced as: Zeeh-nith) And I only have one friend on there, a girl named Tori. And it kinda suks because we aernt GREAT friends. But its better than nothing.

Iv'e been thinking about god lately and how much he created and how much he blesses us. I mean if you glorify god in the things you do he will bless you... and he did.
Through God all things are possible. Phillipians 4:13



  1. I hate school and it always starts too soon. Oh well...good luck this year and we hope to hear from you soon.

  2. well I'm back... it was like the camping trip from hell... I will explain in the morning

  3. it's exciting that you got a new computer, though!