Monday, August 10, 2009

Camping Trip From Hell

note: you might think that hell is a bad word. but only if you use it the wrong way

Okay so my dad and I went on a trip to fort collins to go dirtbiking. Nothing was going right.

1: the camper broke down on the side of the highway
2: I fell off the trailer and hit my tail bone really hard
3: I jammed my finger with a bungee chord. (dont ask)
4:I was stuck with a kid who liked to talk about peeing in the woods
5: The camper tire got flat
6: We got lost at the campground
7: I dropped my brot on the ground... twice.
8: The atv broke down every 15 minuets
9: We had to change my dirtbike tire 4 times
10: The Camper was out of propane wich means no heat or air conditioning or stove or refrigerator.
11: The camper was out of electricity
12: I fell into a 2-foot-deep puddle of mud
13: I fell down a rocky very steep slope
14: My dad got sick
15: I got sick
and last but not least......
16:The water pump on the camper didn't work. (no toilet or sinks)

I'm serious it was the camping trip from hell


  1. WOW, everything went wrong! I'm so sorry! I hate it when that kind of thing happens to me :(

  2. I'm sorry- hope you have fun next time.

  3. I'm sorry. I know you had a bad time, but still, number 4 made me laugh. Once again, I'm really sorry for your crappy trip.

  4. Oh boy that does sound ghastly.
    yep, one time we went camping in the mountains and my dad got sick at the SAME TIME that a huge storm broke. So we were trying to pack up with a sick Daddy, and went down the mountain in awesome lightning. night in hotel room was awful.