Sunday, July 26, 2009

well HELLO!

Hey i'm back from camp and It wasn't as great as last year because I got sick and I had to go to the infirmary and they sent me home a day EARLY. But anyway it was fun besides being sick. The food wasn't as good as last year but it was fine. I think the worst day was roast beef sandwitches. *chills* The day we got there (last sunday) we met our councelor and we played dodgeball in the t-dome (a big place where we do word and play games). Then we had dinner wich I forgot what we had and I probably don't want to remember. And then (finally) I got to sleep. In the morning we got up for dippy club. Dippy Club is where you get up at 6:15 and go jump in the lake with chunks of ice floating in it. (just kidding) But it is cold. And then you run up to the shower house as fast as you can so you can get a hot shower. Then you have breakfast then go up and to bible study wich was really fun. After that the day always varied. I think the massive game of capture the flag was the best. We had two teams of about 100 kids each on two hills facing eachother with the two flags on the top of each hill and fog and mud everywhere. Trust me thats fun for a guy.
But anyway I'm still sick but I'm getting better (Yay!)
I can't give you my story because my computer is a stuborn dinosoar and It crashes everytime I open Microsoft Word.

See ya!

-Limer and Daniel


  1. Muddy capture-the-flag...that sounds like my sort of game. Maybe not Dippy Club, but everything else sounded fun...sorry you got sick though...