Monday, June 22, 2009

Okay sooo....

Okay so everyone here (or at least I think so) knows that I am the incredible limer. :P My best friend is Daniel and he sometimes posts on this blog because we hang out so much. Im older than him and we go almost everywhere together. My girlfriend is named Skylar Fayp and Daniel's Girlfriend is Mackenzie Kline or I guess now they are just friends because she went crazy. Oh and Daniel came to the track with my dad and I and we rode together getting 5 feet of air (whoo hoo!). Daniel wiped out twice because he was going to fast on turns (silly guy) and I only wiped out once when I landed to hard off a jump. You propably arn't interiested but My dad and I have Yamaha TTR dirtbikes. Mine is a 2-stroke(it sounds so ausome) and my dad's is a 4-stroke. My legs are REALLY sore from standing up the whole time and absorbing the shock with them. So anyway, I went to eliches with Davis and Daniel and Seth and Jenn and Steph and Davis's mom. We went on almost every ride. I liked the Mind Eraser and the Boomerang the most.
Thats the BoomerangThats the Mind Eraser
Davis and I got Front row seats on the mind eraser. We were going so fast that tears where streaming off of my eyes. Oh, and the mind eraser is one of those rides where your legs hang down. I liked the mind eraser better than the Boomerang but its a close one. Suprisingly enough it wasn't the roller coasters that made me sick it was the teacup ride. I know its wierd but it just spins so much.
Okay so I have to go now,


  1. I may have just read this and forgot. (I do that a lot, anyways..) I know they have a Boomerang @ Wild Adventures, but where did ya'll go?