Friday, June 12, 2009

Hay Im back!!!!!!!!

Okay we went on 2 trips in 2 weeks. That post about my broken thumb was the day between the two trips. Im glad to say that it is almost completly healed up and im not wearing the cast anymore! Okay, back to the trips. The first one was to my cousin's wedding to the good ol' Nebraska under the sun. Thats where I broke my thumb. Then we went to New Mexico for my dad's buisnuess trip for some meeting. We walked around the shops in Santa Fe while my dad sat in a stuffy room with a bunch of guys talking about water (literally). And now im sitting in a chair that creaks like no other and writing this right now in my basement. While im taking care of my mom's friend's daughter.
Oh got to go!


  1. Oww...sound like a great

  2. Yeah but nebraska really isnt that interesting unless you think FIELDS AND FIELDS of corn is interesting.