Friday, May 1, 2009


Hay, I am a christian and I hope none of you are against it. My God is my ultamate and ausome savior. He saved MY life, will you let him save yours?

Oh and that image, I'm not saying that any of you aern't christians.


  1. I'm a Christian, too! Awesome! Have you seen the bumper stickers or whatever that say "God doesn't believe in atheists, therefore atheists don't exist"? So funny!

    Sistas in Chirst! ;)

  2. Oh, whoops, lol! Sorry! I don't know why I figured you were. *shrugs sheepishly* You don't sound girly or anything. Lol! I never read all of your profile, or I would have figured it out. Again, sorry. I feel really bad

  3. It's okay, maby it was the pink text

  4. Yeah, I think that was probably it.

  5. I'm not against it. It would be silly and the objector would probably be morally reprehensible! I'm glad you're a positive and happy person. Me too!

    I am not religious though. I do not believe in a God in the same way that most religious people believe in God(s). Contrary to the image you posted, I believe God in fact doesn't believe in me. I believe this because I believe she or he doesn't exist at all as a sentient being, only a metaphor. My belief in this is implicit to the belief that God doesn't believe in me.

    The picture is clearly aimed at 'non-believers' and is an attempt to sympathise with them in an arguably dead-end way. If they do not believe in a God, they will not believe a God believes in them. If the above is true, the picture does not fulfill it's purpose, but it does serve to unite Christians in their friendly contempt for 'non-believers'. The usefulness of this to the reputation of Christianity in today's increasingly secular society could be debatable.

    To answer your (probably rhetorical) question, I don't think my life needs saving. I am a very happy and friendly person! I get on with everyone, am successful academically and creatively. I politely reject your proxy invitation for your God to save me! I'm not sure how my life could get any better. :)

    My main point of this comment is to show you that religion doesn't make people 'better' or 'saved' or 'chosen' in comparison to others. There are Christians who need help, and there are atheists who are benevolent and happy in their lives, and need no 'help'. Religion draws no lines, and I believe it can be positive. I believe it is for private belief, as it's evidently subjective and personal for each individual. With this logic, I have created my own philosophies of subjects yet to be proven or disproven by 'truth' - conclusions I have drawn from my own thoughts. I respect your beliefs, and I do treat others how I'd like to be treated, so I hope that I am treated in the same way - with respect and an inquisitive mind, willing to philosophise and explore. Thankyou!