Monday, April 27, 2009

a VERY good idea

So there are these neighbors....... our dog keeps going over to their land (we live on a ranch) he is a big white dog. They claimed that if he pees on everything then the wildlife will not come to their house anymore. (kinda crazy right?) So the funny thing is that they didn't come to us in person to complain or send us a letter. THEY NAILED A LETTER TO A POST RIGHT ON THE SIDE OF OUR DRIVE WAY! I couldn't stop laughing. Why do you ask they would nail a letter to a post? Beats Me. So I was thinking that if they apparently "miss" wildlife so much then we would get some of those concrete deer and put them in their yard during the night sometime during the summer, then moving them like, 10 feet every night so it really is wildlife! Or since they nailed the letter to our post, why not nail a letter to their door? Just think of that...... in the middle of the night you hear bang bang on our front door. Just think of it as "post it notes" in your driveway.


  1. Do you guys seriously think I am 9???

  2. ru? just wondering...nothing wrong with that!

    Luvs Me!