Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's the Worst Day Everrrrr!

Okay, so we have this spanish teacher at our school (she creeps me out like no other). The thing I hate about it is that we have to take spanish! I HATE IT! Okay so back on topic. The spanish teacher got so P.O.'ed at me today... (I think she has something against me) and she gets mad at me, just me when other people are doing the same thing! For Example: today she showed us this little "podcast" about the spanish alphebet. It gets over and she says "want to watch it again?" I go "Yeah!" like, in a really wierd voice and she got mad at me! I think most of the teachers at me school are mental. Especially Senorita Pedersen (spanish teacher). THEN, I was supposadly talking when she was setting up and then she got mad at me.... AFTER whatchamacallit class I got yelled at by my teacher (who is a really strict man teacher who yells probably 20,000,000,0... times a day) 5 times! It's like, hellllllllllllllllloooooooooooooo we are kids here don't you think that we would have just a little feelings? But after I got home my mom felt really sorry for me and said that it was all the teacher's fault (wich it was) and gave me a brownie, 2 paistries, a smoothie, and a geat BIG hug! So basiclly school is like the underwold and home is like the overworld!

See Ya!


  1. I love your blog :D
    It's awsome. Thanks for commenting on mine :D


  2. It's great to be home.
    And the good news is...
    Today's FRIDAY! Happy weekend!

  3. Oh, Yah I love fridays also!!!!!!!!!