Saturday, March 7, 2009

Um.... my day

Okay so today I woke up really tired. Then Steph is making me read Maximum Ride AND I REALLY LIKE THEM!! So I read some of that.
Then I went down to the basement and...uh...m...uhm...oh! oh! oh yeah, and worked on the laptop. I hate homework. Then after that I went outside and rode my dirtbike in the cold snow. Smart, right? I know.
So then after that I came downstairs and played ping pong with my mom. She oozes talent. Um. Uh, gosh, i forgot again. Oh yea, and then I took a shower. Then, then we went to take my sister Kristen to DazBog so she could fill out a job aplication. She wasn't very good at that, and she kept texting me -- asking me what to say. Then I got new shoes. Exciting. Really. Not.
Well, then we went to Wendy's (hi, i'm Wendy, what's your name, little fella?) and got double stacks. And got our orders wrong again.
They, like, always put cheese and stuff on it and make it taste really weird and makes me want to blow up. XP. And the french fries had no salt.
Then I fed the horses with Steph-Who-is-Seth. (not really, but he's in her MIND!! AAAH!!!)
And then the antilopes bounded past us, spreading they're wings in a wild and illusive fasion. It's mind boggling how they manage to be so sexy. (steph: you're so weird.).
And then after dinner I went downstairs and saw a man give birth.... um..... creepy! and started posting on my blog.

By the way the man had a healthy baby boy. On the Sims 2.

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